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GOMOVE is an on-demand transportation application that can be easily used on your smartphone. You simply need to set your origin and destination, choose a vehicle from a variety of options, and select any additional services you desire. We offer a wide range of vehicles to suit your needs, including Motorbikes, Cars, Pickup trucks, Solid pickup trucks, Steel over-cab pickup trucks, and 6-wheeled trucks. All our transportation services can be easily accessed through the application or our website.

GOMOVE is an affiliated company within the same company group as GOOD MOVE PROFESSIONAL MOVERS. GOOD MOVE is an integrated transportation and moving service company with over 10 years of experience in both domestic and international transportations. To meet the diverse needs of today’s consumers more efficiently, GOMOVE was established as another company under the same group. GOMOVE offers on-demand transportation services, allowing consumers to book and access services through the application or website. Service fees are calculated based on the selected distance, vehicle type, and any additional services required. The total service fee will be displayed on the platform before confirming the booking, allowing customers to review the charges.

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